About Us

Redo Kenya is an umbrella organization registered as a Community Based Organization and operating in Bungoma County. It started its operations in 2013 and was legally registered in August 2014 and began its operation with the main aim of empowering rural communities through innovative capacity development. Currently we have 10 groups under our umbrella in Bungoma County.

  1. Vision

Empowering rural communities through optimally functional rural capacity development

  1. Mission

Promoting sustainable development of communities through application of new innovations, institution building, resource mobilization and information sharing.

  1. Main Objective

The organization main objective is to empower rural communities through innovative capacity development and information sharing.

  1. Specific Objectives include

Our specific objectives include;

  1. Advocacy and Governance,
  2. Sustainable Agriculture,
  3. Climate change mitigation and
  4. Health